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Renewable Energy

John M Henderson is continuously supporting projects that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.
Green Ocean
As a shareholder of Green Ocean Energy Ltd, John M Henderson has been actively involved in developing methods of harnessing marine energy in ways which are harmonious to the environment and economically viable.

To support this cause, John M Henderson is involved in the design and manufacturing of the Ocean and Wave Treader Prototypes. These are two exciting projects that John M Henderson is looking forward to seeing deployed and reaping the energy harvest contained in the World's oceans.

About Green Ocean Energy Ltd

Green Ocean Energy Ltd is an Aberdeen based renewable energy company, dedicated to developing technology which will allow the harnessing of energy from the Earth's oceans in a way which is harmonious to the environment and economically viable, thereby providing a clean and sustainable source of energy.

Ocean Treader is a floating device designed to be moored 1 – 2 miles offshore in ocean wave systems, and as such will be largely unobtrusive from the shoreline. The theory behind the machine has been proven in wave tank testing and it is now working towards developing a full size machine for offshore testing.

Wave Treader has grown out of our work with Ocean Treader and uses its Sponsons and Arms but this time they are mounted on the base of a static offshore structure, typically a Wind Turbine or Tidal Turbine. By sharing the high infrastructure costs with another device, such as the foundation costs, cabling costs, etc., the economics of both devices are enhanced and the energy yield for a given sea area greatly improved.

For more information about Green Ocean Energy, please visit Green Ocean Energy Website.

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