Client: US Steel Canada, Lake Erie, Nanticoke

Transfer Car, 6.7 m Ovens, 2011


Client: Lake Erie Steel CO., Nanticoke

Screwfeeder Charge Car Mods. New Lid Lifters, Telescopes and Gooseneck Cleaners ; 6.7 m Ovens, 2007 and 2000

Client: Dofasco, Hamilton, 6.2 m Ovens, 2004

1 x Screwfeeder Charge Car

Client: Stelco, Nanticoke, 6.7 m Ovens, 1977

2 X Coke Side Door Extractors

2 X Coke Guides

Client: Stelco, Hamilton, 5 m Ovens, 1971

2 X Single Spot Pusher Machines

2 X Turntable Charge Cars

Client: Stelco, Lake Erie, 6.7 m Ovens, 2005

1 X Water Jet Door Cleaner - Coke Side (Fixed Station)

1 X Water Jet Door Cleaner - Pusher Side (Fixed Station)

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