Tata Steel successfully operates new John M Henderson Jamb Cleaner in Port Talbot, UK

At John M Henderson, the strategy for developing new technologies is all about working hand in hand with coke operators and engineering solutions to solve their problems and requirements.  

This approach is embodied in a new technology recently implemented at Tata Steel in Port Talbot: an innovative Jamb Cleaner that targets a key issue in coke oven frame cleaning: frame misalignment.

Port Talbot plant was confronting maintenance and performances problems with their Jamb Cleaner, further leading to coke oven door emissions and door sealing issues and affecting the coke strength. 

Our engineers were requested to develop a Jamb Cleaner to answer these challenges:

1. Misalignment - coke oven door frames not correctly centered

2. Maintenance - high and difficult maintenance of the old Jamb Cleaner because it required high elevation access to the top scraper assemblies.

3. Performance – the new Jamb Cleaner had to perform to the highest level of jamb cleaning efficiency, allowing for a perfect door sealing.

John M Henderson solution to these challenges was the development of a new Machine Mounted Jamb Cleaner assembly, easier to maintain and more efficient than the conventional cleaner. The structure of the new cleaner provides a great flexibility, as the Jamb Cleaner Head incorporates a Support Structure and a Carriage Guide Track, within which the Head Carriage can easily travel the entire height of the oven jamb and perform a thorough cleaning.

The Frame Cleaner Head has a Hydraulic Drive System mounted to the rear side, a Head Locking Device for the security of operation and Side Guides to solve any misalignment issues.

The main advantages of the new design are the reduced number of tools and its simple maintenance, as inspection and replacement can be performed from the bench level with no requirement for scaffolding for high elevation maintenance.

The new Jamb Cleaner is designed with the necessary flexibility to perform to the desired cleaning effect even with Jambs out of vertical alignment by 50 mm in both directions.

JMH Frame Cleaner