Smooth Sailing for the JMH Charging Cars to ArcelorMittal Tubarao in Brazil

After successfully completing the Factory Acceptance Tests, the two Charging Cars for ArcelorMittal Tubarao have been shipped to the customer in Brazil.

It is John M Henderson policy to completely assemble and test the equipment in the factory, so that installation time on-site is minimum, with minimal disruption to normal operation.

The two JMH Smokeless Screwfeeder Charging Cars, incorporating the most advanced coal charging technologies, have had their main functionalities tested and witnessed by the customer in the factory: long travel, lid lifting, lid and frame cleaning, lid luting; the operation of the telescope, screwfeeder and clam shell gates; as well as their capability to handle charging hole misalignment of 50 mm in any direction.

Pictured below: JMH Charging Cars fully assembled in the factory

JMH Transfer Car

Pictured below: Malcolm Brandie, the Project Engineer and Pete Reading, the Manufacturing Supervisor responsible for the two JMH Charging Cars

JMH Transfer Car

The two Charging Cars have been shipped to Brazil and will arrive on site in ArcelorMittal Tubarao soon. Work on site will begin mid-July and the two Charging Cars are expected to become fully operational by the end of 2016.

Pictured below: The JMH Charging Cars being loaded on the ship heading to Brazil

JMH Transfer Car