R&D Innovation: The new JMH Frame Cleaner

Our newest Research and Development project, the low maintenance Frame Cleaner, has passed the prototype phase and is now in successful operation in Port Talbot, UK.

The new JMH Frame Cleaner is a simple and innovative equipment, incorporating fewer blades than the standard multi-bladed cleaner. It is easy to maintain and very flexible with Jambs out of alignment, performing a higher cleaning efficiency than the conventional multi-bladed technology.

The Cleaner is a Machine Mounted assembly, designed to travel the full length of the frame and to perform to the highest level of frame cleaning efficiency. The innovative feature of the machine is the great flexibility in counteracting the door frame variation, thus solving one key issue in frame cleaning: the frame misalignment.

The cleaner was designed to complement the performance of the Water Jet Door Cleaner towards Zero Emission Coke Oven Doors.

Click below to see the new Jamb Cleaner in operation: