Posco Completion Ceremony in Pohang, Korea

POSCO has announced the completion of Phase 3 of the JMH project at their steel plant at Pohang in Korea.  

"This is a very important day for John M Henderson. This has been a major contract that has stretched resources across our workforce and has kept us all very busy for the last five years. I would like to thank everyone for the hard work and dedication that they have put into it. "The equipment we supplied under this contract was for the refurbishment of fifty-year old coke oven batteries. The age of the batteries introduced many complexities that we had to surmount” stated Alistair Lauchlan, the Managing Director of John M Henderson.

Phase Three of the contract consists of three Charge Cars, three Pusher Machines, three Transfer Cars and two locomotives. They feature full Manless Operation and are designed to the latest standards of environmental protection.

The machines are now in full production and Final Acceptance Testing is under way. The old machines that they replace have been removed from the site. The John M Henderson machines supplied under Phase Three complete the refurbishment of two existing coke oven batteries at POSCO. Phases One and Two of the contract involved the manufacture and supply of another full set of coke oven machines and eighty charging telescopes.