New Transfer Car for US Steel

John M Henderson got off to an optimistic start in 2010 by winning a new order for the design of a Transfer Car with one of its long established customers - US Steel Canada for the Lake Erie Works.

By receiving this order, John M Henderson has once again proven its outstanding position as world leader in emission control technology, as its state of the art engineering solution has been preferred against stiff competition from Germany and USA.

The successful collaboration with Lake Erie dates back to 1977, when John M Henderson provided the first coke oven machines to the Canadian Plant. The new 2010 project involves the design of a Single Spot Transfer Car to replace the existing Door Machine and Hood Car on the 6.7 metre Coke Oven Battery at USSC Lake Erie Works.

John M Henderson Transfer Car was selected based on reliability, safety and high environmental performance criteria, as providing:

  • Best Available Technology for emission control
  • Maximum reliability and service life.
  • Ease and speed of maintenance operations
  • Minimum operating costs.
  • Ease of assembly at site

John M Henderson Transfer Car

Picture: JMH Transfer Car

The engineering team at John M Henderson has been very flexible towards the specifications of the Lake Erie plant, as the new machinery needed to be structurally and mechanically compatible with the existing Coke Oven facility, both functionally and from a safety perspective. One of the customer’s main requirements in this case was to significantly lower the weight of the machine and the JMH advanced engineering design succeeded in complying with this request, reducing the actual weight of the Transfer Car from a standard 280 tonnes to 240 tonnes.

The new Transfer Car will be designed for Full Automation and it will be equipped with Fibre Optic Cable Reel for Data communication.