New: Exclusive videos of the JMH Door and Frame Cleaners

Efficient Door and Frame Cleaning is essential for achieving emission-free doors and smooth door operations.

The JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner is the Best Available Technology for cleaning coke oven doors. It delivers high cleaning performance and enables effective door seals protection and low annual maintenance. Used together with our newly developed Jamb Cleaner, the combined package has proven to achieve Zero Emission Coke Oven Doors.

Having installed hundreds of water jet cleaners all over the world, we would like to reveal more about this technology and present it in operation.

We hope you’ll take a moment to watch exclusive videos of our equipment.

Click below for a sneak peek of our Water Jet Door Cleaner in operation:

The new JMH Jamb Cleaner in operation:

Click below to watch our original WJDC video released in the 1970s: