Monckton Grit Arrestment System Undergoing FAT

The Integrated Coke Guide and Hood Machine for Monckton Coke and Chemicals is currently at the factory assembly stage.

“The Monckton Coke project is progressing very well”, says Brian Nicoll, the project manager, “and we will be shipping the machine to site towards the end of the month.

The project also includes a 3rd rail structure to support the machine at the coke oven battery. The erection of this structure has recently commenced, with the machine arriving for installation early November. The final commissioning will take place in January.”

A team from Monckton Coke recently visited our workshop and they were impressed with the overall arrangement of the new integrated system.

“The battery supervisors from Monckton Coke are looking forward to their new machine and especially to the modern features we incorporated into this system”, adds Brian. “The new machine will have a positive impact on the plant’s environmental performance and also on productivity”.

CTLF Frame

Pictured: Monckton Coke Machine being assembled in the workshop