John M Henderson to Supply Cable Reel Systems to Italiana Coke Machines

John M Henderson have recently won an order for Power & Fibre Optic Cable Reel Systems for a new Transfer Car  that JMH is currently manufacturing for Italiana Coke, as well as for two Coke Guide Machines already in operation at the Italian coke plant in San Giuseppe.

John M Henderson’s Cable Reel solutions use best-in-class communication equipment to address reliability issues in data communication on the battery.

Power&Fibre Optic Cable Reel Systems are installed on new coke oven machines, but can also be retrofitted on existing machines, providing excellent data transfer via the Fibre Optic Cores and stable power supply. By incorporating the Power&Fibre Optic Cable Reels on the machines, communication with the plant control rooms has improved significantly, while also removing the difficulties experienced with traditional Power Conductor Bars or Trolley Wires.