JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners - "Vital component for the prevention of emissions"

John M Henderson have commissioned a second Water Jet Door Cleaner Assembly for Ternium Siderar, the leading steel company in Argentina.

“This contract is a follow-up of the first two Jetclean systems we installed on their batteries in 2007”, said Oana Niculita, Head of Sales and Marketing. “Siderar had built a new battery back in 2006 and our Cleaners were vital in maintaining their new coke oven doors perfectly cleaned. The Water Jet Door Cleaners have performed very well during these years, so that Siderar have requested us to supply a new fixed station assembly to the Batteries 3, 4 & 5.”

Referring to the performance of the JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners over the years, Tomas Caironi, the Project Engineer from Siderar comments:

”The Water Jet Door Cleaners have become a vital component of our system for the prevention of emissions to the environment." "We see that the Water Jet Door cleaners are much more effective when cleaning than the mechanical systems of daily use. We believe that this efficacy is their major asset. The cleaners brought a major improvement in the environmental conditions of our batteries. There is a remarkable difference between the batteries where the cleaners are being used frequently and those where they are not."

Click below to watch the new JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner upon completion of commissioning in Argentina.

We have tested the latest Water Jet Cleaner in our deep water inspection pit just before shipping it to Argentina.The open facility allowed us to capture the Spray Jet Carriage performing a live cleaning simulation around the perimeter of the door.

Click below for a sneak peek of our Cleaner in operation.