John M Henderson at the Eurocoke Summit 2012, Barcelona, Spain

Oana Olaru, the Marketing Manager of John M Henderson, was invited to give a presentation at the Annual Eurocoke Summit, the European forum for steel and Met Coke market intelligence and technical innovation, held this year in Barcelona, Spain.

Oana’s presentation, entitled “Coke Oven Machines: The Quest For Maximum Availability and Reliability”, focused on what has been one of the main responsibilities at John M Henderson throughout more than 140 years of engineering development: the quest for maximum availability and reliability. Coke Oven Machinery plays a vital part in coke production and reliability of the equipment has a major impact on the plant’s ability to produce coke to the design capacity of the batteries. JMH’s presentation at Eurocoke 2012 highlighted the main coke oven machine design innovations developed to enable a safe and continuous operation on the coke battery and to provide minimum maintenance for coke plant operators.

John M Henderson Machines are designed with state-of-the-art environmental protection systems enabling them to perform to the highest standard of emissions control. All machines incorporate technical innovations that minimise spillage, recover and recycle any that occur. To provide a safe, continuous operation and to minimise human risks and intervention, John M Henderson Coke Oven Machines have been designed for Fully Automated “Manless” Operation. This involves the incorporation of all necessary mechanical equipment on the machine with no requirement for an Operator or Benchman. Advanced levels of PLC control are supplied for all machines and the traditional Operator’s Control Desks have been replaced with Touchscreen technology.

All JMH machines are designed to minimise maintenance or to simplify it as much as possible. Technology provides tools to help manage and maintain the machines, but does not entirely replace maintenance; Coke Plant Operators being ultimately the owners of their maintenance program. A regular and disciplined Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Programme is essential to ensure reliable and trouble free operation.

John M Henderson’s innovative solutions were commended by the Summit audience, which gathered this year more than 150 technical directors, CEOs and chairmen for the leading coke, coal and steel companies from 25 different countries. A copy of the presentation will be available in the JMH Media section soon.