JMH completes installation of Water Jet Door Cleaners System in Argentina

A new John M Henderson Water Jet Door Cleaner Assembly is now fully operational at Ternium Siderar in San Nicolas, Argentina, having completed the hot commissioning phase.

The new system is the second JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner in operation on the Siderar batteries; John M Henderson having installed their first assembly in 2006. The first Water Jet Door Cleaner has achieved excellent levels of cleaning performance, helping Siderar maintain perfectly clean doors and preventing the escape of door emissions.

Commenting on the cleaning efficiency of the first JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner installed in Siderar eight years ago, Tomas Caironi, Project Engineer from Siderar said: “The Water Jet Door Cleaners have become a vital component of our system for the prevention of emissions to the environment." "The cleaners brought a major improvement in the environmental conditions of our batteries. There is a remarkable difference between the batteries where the cleaners are being used frequently and those where they are not.”

The JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner is the Best Available Technology for cleaning coke oven doors. It delivers high cleaning performance and enables effective door seals protection and low annual maintenance.

Having patented the technology more than forty years ago, John M Henderson has designed, manufactured and installed more than 100 Water Jet Door Cleaners in Canada, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Italy, Korea, Argentina, Slovakia, India, France, Australia and the USA.

Click below to watch the new JMH Water Jet Door Cleaner upon completion of commissioning in Argentina.