JMH Expert Inspections: What to Expect from our Expert Services

John M Henderson experts advise coke oven plants on how to improve the overall reliability and performance of coke oven machinery and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

John M Henderson has recently launched a new coke oven machinery service: the on-site Expert Inspections.

A multi-disciplinary team of JMH specialists travel to coke plants throughout the world to assist coke making operation and provide clear understanding of the condition of the existing coke oven machinery equipment and real solutions for how to increase their performance and drastically reduce maintenance and operation costs.

Pictured: JMH Multi-disciplinary Team undertaking Expert Inspection at Tata Steel in Port Talbot

JMH Transfer Car

The on-site inspections may vary, depending on the request, between one week, a few months on site, or a permanent JMH support presence, and it involves a multi-disciplinary team comprising of JMH Mechanical, Electrical & Automation, Hydraulic Engineers and Installation Supervisors; many with more than twenty years of cokemaking experience.

The JMH Inspection team has recently completed an Expert Inspection at Tata Steel, Morfa Coke Ovens in Port Talbot and another on-site Inspection is currently ongoing at Tata Steel (now British Steel) in Scunthorpe, Appleby Coke Ovens.

Learn more about the results of these inspections here.