JMH at the 33rd International Cokemaking Conference, Czech Republic

John M Henderson was invited to give a presentation at the prestigious International Cokemaking Conference organized on 19-21 October 2010 in Czech Republic.

The conference featured important coke oven managers from Eastern and Central Europe and covered the latest developments in the cokemaking industry, heavily impacted by the recent economic downturn and outlined the most important issues affecting those who work with metallurgical coke.

John M Henderson was represented by its Marketing Manager - Oana Olaru - who gave a presentation on the Advanced Coke Oven Door Cleaning Technology developed by John M Henderson more than thirty years ago and continuously improved ever since.

The presentation was received with a very high interest from the audience that included more than 150 representatives from 12 countries.
The Water Jet Door Cleaners are an innovative solution for eliminating the coke oven door emissions and many coke plant managers and representatives expressed their interest in implementing it on their plants. Discussions are ongoing to install these cleaners to new coke plants all over the world.