Italiana Coke Selects John M Henderson to Deliver New Transfer Car

John M Henderson have recently won a major order from a long established customer – Italiana Coke. The contract involves the design and manufacture of a new Transfer Car, aimed at improving the environmental performance of the Italian Coke Plant, by collecting the pushing emissions and transferring them to the Fume Collecting Duct and onwards to the Land Based Filter Plant.

JMH solution was preferred amongst competitors not only because it proved to be the Best Available Technology in the areas of Emission Control and Coke Production Techniques, but also because of the innovation and flexibility in customising this technology to Italiana’s Coke unique battery layout.  The new machine will replace the existing Door Machine which, because of the special configuration of the plant, must pass through the Quench Tower.

The Transfer Car design will also incorporate Best Available Technology to improve everyday operational procedures such as Long Travel and Alignment, Door Removal/Replacement and Door/Jamb Cleaning and eliminating Coke Spillage during Coke transfer from Oven to Quench Car.

The new contract marks the beginning of a partnership with Alstom Power – a leading Power Generation Infrastructure Company, which will provide the New Land Based Filter Plant and the Fume Collecting Duct for this Environmental Project.

JMH Transfer Car Pictured: JMH Transfer Car