Italiana Coke Transfer Car Nears Completion

The Italiana Coke Transfer Car is being assembled at the client’s site near Genoa in Italy and the machine is expected to commence Cold Commissioning in August. A team from Italiana Coke came to Arbroath to witness the complete assembly of the machine, prior to the Transfer Car being shipped to the site in San Giuseppe.

All main components of the Transfer Car were manufactured and assembled in the workshop in Arbroath, including the Cage Assembly, the Door Extractor, Jamb Cleaner, and the Water Jet Door Cleaner. The Italiana Coke representatives were impressed with the robust construction of their new Transfer Car and they specifically commented on the high quality of manufacture and on the prompt assembly of the components considering the short timescales available. After assembly and inspection in the factory, the Transfer Car was stripped down into component assemblies and transported 1350 mile to Italy. On-site installation and commissioning will progress through the summer with the initial operation on hot ovens scheduled for the end of September. The machine is expected to enter into official service in October this year.

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