Integrated Pollution Control Solution for Monckton Coke and Chemicals

New Integrated Coke Guide & Grit Arrestment Hood Machine for Monckton Coke

Monckton Coke and Chemical Company invited John M Henderson to visit their Coke Plant in order to provide professional services associated with environmental aspects of the existing coke oven operation and to conduct a Feasibility Study considering the specific environmental options for Cokeside Grit Arrestment.

As a result, John M Henderson will design, supply and commission a new Integrated Coke Guide & Hood Machine for Monckton Coke that will perform the removal of grit/emissions from the fugitive gases present during an oven push. The project also requires the incorporation of a new elevated 3rd rail structure.

The new system meets the requirements identified in EA Guidance and will be operational on the Monckton coke plant by the end of 2011.

Monckton Coke

Pictured: Monckton Coke Works, Royston, South Yorkshire, UK