Class A Inspection on Tata Steel Coke Oven Machines

John M Henderson have completed a Class A Inspection on the three Coke Guide Machines at Tata Steel’s Port Talbot plant in the UK.

The report will assist Tata Steel Port Talbot in understanding the present condition of the existing equipment and making informed decisions on how to improve the overall reliability and performance of their machines.

The Operational Reliability and Performance Study included a thorough analysis of all structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical elements of the machines in order to illustrate the gap between current situation and the required reliability.

The inspection and analysis team comprised of a number of key John M Henderson coke oven machinery specialists:

- JMH Mechanical Engineers with more than twenty years of cokemaking experience, having firsthand knowledge of the coke oven machinery supplied by JMH over the past three decades 

- JMH Electrical and Automation engineers with extensive experience in installing electric/control systems at coke plants all over the world

- JMH Hydraulics Engineers, responsible for designing, managing and commissioning hydraulics systems on JMH coke oven machinery

- JMH Installation Supervisors, responsible for the installation of JMH Coke Oven Machinery over the past decades

The Class A Inspection began early May and was completed in August 2015.