Building Strong Partnerships: Concord Group

JMH is delighted to begin its formal collaboration with a long established partner –Concord Group– for a new project in Brazil. Concord Group is a large innovative international company, specialised in industrial construction, wind power engineering and industrial wastes utilisation. The group won recently an order from the Brazilian steel producer Usiminas for Rebuilding Nos. 3 & 4 Coke Oven Batteries and supplying new Coke Oven Machines at its Ipatinga plant. Appointing JMH as coke oven machinery technology provider came as a natural solution, because of the strong reputation that JMH coke oven machines have gained in Brazil.

JMH technology was first introduced in Brazil more than 30 years ago and our coke oven machines have proved their outstanding performance since then, helping Brazilian plants achieve best business outcomes with their operations.

As part of the new Brazilian project, JMH will provide the design of two new sets of Transfer Cars and Pusher Machines for the Ipatinga Plant, which are due to be installed in 2011.