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John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)

John M Henderson Profile (pdf)


The Latest Advancements in Coke Oven Machinery” (pdf)

Presented at "Coke and Coal Products Processing in the UK in 2012" Conference organized by the Coke Oven Managers' Association, Teesside, UK, March 2012

Zero Emission Oven Doors through Advanced Cleaning” (pdf)

Presented at “Eurocoke Summit 2010”, Lisbon, Portugal, April 2010 and at the "33rd International Coke Making Conference", Czech Republic, October 2010

“POSCO, Korea – Manless Machinery” (pdf)

Presented at “Eurocoke Summit 2009”, Rome, Italy, April 2009 and also at the Coke Oven Managers Association Technical Meeting, 2009

Interim version jointly presented by John M Henderson and Posco (Korea) at "Eurocoke Summit 2007", Nice, France, 2007

“21st Century Coke Oven Machinery: Environmental Controls & Advanced Automation” (pdf)

Presented at the International Conference on “Coaking Coals and Coke Making: Challenges and Opportunities”, Ranchi, India, January 2009

Presented at the “Eurocoke Summit 2008”, Prague, Czech Republic, April 2008

“Dofasco Charge Car - Fast Tracked” (pdf)

Presented at the “Eurocoke Summit 2005”, Budapest, Hungary, 2005

Other Papers:

"Coke Transfer Car - Technology for Coke Side Emission Control and Coke Production Optimisation"
Presented at "Eurocoke Summit 2013", Krakow, April 2013

"Coke Oven Machines: The Quest for Maximum Availability and Reliability"
Presented at "Eurocoke Summit 2012", Barcelona, April 2012

"The Next-Generation Coke Oven Machine: Unique Solutions for Unique Needs"
Presented at "Eurocoke Summit 2011", Vienna, April 2011


Presented at “Metcoke Summit 2003”, Toronto, Canada, 2003

“Modern Coke Oven Machinery”

Presented at “China International Coking Technology and Coke Market Congress”, Beijing, China, 2002

"JETCLEAN" High Pressure Water Jet Coke Oven Door Cleaner”

Presented at “China International Coking Technology and Coke Market Congress”, Beijing, China, 2002

John M Henderson Email Campaign Archive

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Press Releases

Stronger Together: Otto Simon and John M Henderson - Allies For Coke Making Excellence (December 2014)

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Технологии мирового класса в оборудовании для коксовых печей (pdf)