Successful Completion for
US Steel Transfer Car in Canada

John M Henderson is pleased to announce the commissioning of the new Transfer Car for US Steel Lake Erie works in Canada.

“The machine has been in productive operation since August and more than 1000 ovens have been successfully pushed. We are delighted that the JMH Transfer Car has become the primary production tool at Lake Erie”, comments Gary McCombie, the Managing Director. 

“We would like to highlight the valuable support and cooperation received from the Canadian coke plant and their alliance partner - Hatch throughout the installation of the machine, as they assisted us with all the on-site resources needed to complete the project”, added Brian.

The John M Henderson Transfer Car is widely recognized as the Best Available Technology for Coke Side Emission control. The machine is designed to maximise efficiency, productivity and longevity and it is custom-tailored to the unique requirements of each coke oven battery. 

Over the past decade, John M Henderson has designed, manufactured and installed more than 10 State-of-the-Art Transfer Cars in Canada, Brazil, Italy and Korea.

Project Specification:
Customer: US Steel Canada

Machine Specifications:
  • Designed for Manless Operation
  • Machine Net Weight: 235 Tonnes
  • Number of Wheels: 12
  • Machine Cycle Time: 10 minutes
  • Machine Length: 16 Metres
Key Components:
  • Two 3 wheeled Travel Drive Bogies mounted on Outer Coke Side Bench and Two 3 wheeled Travel Drive Bogies mounted on Inner Suction Duct Rail
  • Coke Guide Cage
  • Coke Spillage Device
  • Door Extractor
  • Door Cleaner and Frame Cleaner
  • Primary Suction Hood
  • Suction Hood above Door Cleaner and Door Extractor
  • Travelling Belt Transfer Carriage
  • Power Cable Reel
  • Operators, Electrics and Hydraulics Cabins
  • Automatic Alignment System