John M Henderson at the Eurocoke Summit 2013

Oana Olaru, the Marketing Manager of John M Henderson, was invited to give a presentation at the Eurocoke Summit 2013 held in Krakow, Poland 23-25 April.

The Eurocoke Summit 2013 addressed issues of cost, regulations, operations, markets and worldwide coke projects that have a downstream impact on the entire supply chain. Industry leaders from more than 28 nations came together in Krakow to conduct business, build partnerships and gain understanding of what is going on in international coal and coke markets.

Oana’s presentation focused on the Coke Transfer Car – the coke oven machine technology recommended by the BREF Document for Iron and Steel Production as The Best Available Technology (BAT) for Coke Side Emission Control and Coke Production Optimisation.  

The JMH Transfer Cars incorporate a solid combination of pollution control performance, maximum reliability, ease of maintenance and minimum operating costs. They are designed to be fully integrated into automated control systems allowing for manless operation and, in conjunction with other JMH Coke Oven Equipment, represent the best solution for efficiency, environmental control and longevity.

The JMH Presentation also illustrated some of the engineering design challenges experienced during the completion of the latest JMH Transfer Car project – the Italiana Coke machine in San Giuseppe - as well as the technological innovations developed to address these challenges.

Over the past few years John M Henderson has designed, manufactured and installed more than 11 State-of-the-Art Transfer Cars in Canada, Brazil, Italy and Korea.