Customer comments

"First Class Quality of the Workmanship" - Stornoway Pier and Harbour, UK

“The quality of John M Henderson workmanship is first class, we are particularly pleased to have this new facility ready for installation on schedule. JMH have implemented many technical improvements to the original installation in 1952 including the modern hydraulic bilge arms, which will increase the harbour’s capacity and allow a faster and improved turnaround”.

John MacLennan, Stornoway Harbour General Manager

"Best available technology" - Lucchini - Piombino, Italy

"We have selected John M Henderson's coke oven machinery for our Piombino Plant, because, in our opinion, their technology was the best available technology."

Giovanni Gosio , Industrial Strategy and Innovation Director, Lucchini, Brescia

"JMH Water Jet Door Cleaners - vital component for the prevention of emissions" - Ternium Siderar, Argentina

"The Water Jet Door Cleaners have become a vital component of our system for the prevention of emissions to the environment. We see that the Water Jet Door cleaners are much more effective when cleaning than the mechanical systems of daily use. We believe that this efficacy is their major asset. The cleaners brought a major improvement in the environmental conditions of our batteries. There is a remarkable difference between the batteries where the cleaners are being used frequently and those where they are not."

Tomas Caironi , Project Engineer, Ternium Siderar, San Nicolas, Argentina

"Excellent Technical Knowledge and Machine Building skills" - Dofasco, Canada

"John M Henderson has worked with Dofasco's core competencies with great success. You were extremely positive to the changes that Dofasco wanted to make to the machine without hesitation. Your strong customer focus truly recognizes that we are the customer and all our requests were met. You adjusted and accepted Dofasco's Health and Safety standards as well as our training standards. Your Installation Managers chose to interact with Dofasco people and others during their down time. They became part of the extended Dofasco family and are now our friends. Your installation team defines team work with their every action. And let's not forget the most elementary function; excellent technical knowledge and machine building skills"

Mark P. Fonovic, Project Manager, No. 6 Coal Charge Car, Dofasco Inc, Canada

"Long term strategic Win-Win cooperation" - Corus, UK

"The Dawes Lane Coke Oven Plant of Corus Construction and Industrial at Scunthorpe purchased two new Screwfeeder Charge Cars from John M Henderson in 1992. These Charge Cars have performed well since comissioning giving reliable, emission free operations. In 1999 we required a new Charge Car for our Appleby Coke Ovens in Scunthorpe. We had no hesitation in again using John M Henderson as supplier of the Charge Car and again we have been very satisfied with its performance since comissioning in 2000".

W B Cross , Manager Dawes Lane Coke Oven, Scunthorpe, Corus.