Transfer Cars

State-of-the-art Design Innovations

John M Henderson Transfer Cars are designed for reliability, safety and high environmental performance. They incorporate sophisticated automation for manless operation and are designed and built to give extended service life. Our Transfer Cars are designed to be fully integrated into automated control systems allowing for Manless operation. Sensors transmit positional data to a PLC control system and inverter control of all drive motors allows for smooth and accurate control over the machine’s operation and movement.

World’s Leader in Emissions Control

The operation of transferring hot coke from the coke oven into the quench car is clearly a potential cause of significant emissions and pollution. John M Henderson Transfer Cars are designed to satisfy the toughest environmental regulations. They are the ultimate in Coke Side Emission Control Technology. They are used in conjunction with a Fixed Collecting Duct and Land Based Filter Plant. This solution is extremely efficient at containing coke dust and smoke.

Our Transfer Cars incorporate the Henderson hood system, which normally comprises a primary and a secondary hood. These collect emissions as the coke passes though the car. A system of ducting then leads the collected dust and gases to a gas transition unit, incorporating a belt lifter, which seals onto the suction duct and allows the gases to be routed back to the central bag filter plant for treatment.

John M Henderson Transfer Cars incorporate the following equipment:

• Wheeled Travel Drive Bogies
• Coke Guide Cage
• Door Extractor
• Door Cleaner (High Pressure Water System or Mechanical)
• Frame/Jamb Cleaner
• Coke Spillage Device
• Primary Suction Hood
• Secondary Suction Hood
• Belt Lifting Device
• Gas Transition Unit
• Electrical PLC Control System
• Hydraulic Control System including Emergency System
• Operators, Electrics and Hydraulics Cabins
• Automatic Aligning System

Pictured below: Computerised Fluid Dynamics Analysis displaying the efficiency of the JMH Hood and its capability to collect the fumes.

Learn more about John M Henderson World Leading Coke Oven Machinery Technology:

John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)

/static/jhend/Engineering Comment on Transfer Car

" Our Transfer Cars are equipped with combined Power and Fibre Optic Cable Reels to ensure safety, excellent reliability of the communications and the best environmental performance."

Malcolm Brandie, Head of Design

Coke Oven Machines
Project Specification:
Customer: Lucchini Piombino, Italy

Project Highlights :
  • New 6.3M Coke Plant on existing 4.2M Pad
  • Single Machine Operation
  • Factory Acceptance Test prior to Installation
  • Designed for Manless Operation
  • Machine Net Weight: 350Tonnes
  • Number of Wheels : 12
  • Machine Length: 15 Metres
  • Cycle Time: 8.5 minutes
Key Components:
  • Emission Control Hood System for Pushing & Levelling Emissions
  • Fibre Optic Cable Reel for Data Communication
  • Single Spot with 5/2 Operation
  • High Pressure Water Jet Door Cleaner
  • Leveller Frame Cleaner
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Learn more about John M Henderson World Leading Coke Oven Machinery Technology:

John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)