Charge Cars

Cutting Edge Engineering Design

The Screwfeeder Charge Car is widely accepted as the fastest and best method to charge a coke oven. We built our first Screwfeeder Car 40 years ago, and the full package of associated equipment that we provide with our car makes this machine the ultimate in charging technology.

At the heart of the design is the Henderson Charging Telescope System. This stainless steel assembly provides emission free charging with no coal spillage. The Telescope incorporates a great deal of flexibility to operate with mis-aligned Charge Holes, making it very suitable for operation on older coke plants.

State of Art Environmental Protection Systems

John M Henderson Screwfeeder Charge Cars eliminate all charging emissions, which are a major cause of concern for coke plant management and operators.

The Telescope is installed on all new screwfeeder charge cars and has been retrofitted on a number of existing cars around the world greatly improving their environmental performance. The incorporation of this design of telescope has made possible the continued operation of old charge cars within modern evironmental legislation.

Successfully in operation all around the world

John M Henderson Screwfeeder Charge Cars are designed and constructed to ensure an efficient, extended service life, using the highest quality materials. Each Charge Car is designed to maximise efficiency, productivity and longevity and manufactured to the highest specification and quality-assured throughout.

The Coal Handling System incorporates Hopper, Screwfeeder, Clam Shell Gate and Telescope. In addition, the Henderson Charge Car typically comprises:

  • Weighing System
  • Magnetic Lid Lifters
  • Lid & Frame Cleaners
  • Automatic Lid Sealing
  • Ascension Pipe Operator
  • Ascension Pipe Cleaner
  • Gooseneck Cleaner
  • Charge Hole Boring Tool
  • Oven Top Vacuum Cleaner
  • Fibre Optic Cable Reel
  • Automatic Positioning System
  • Modular Cabins
  • Air Conditioning

Learn more about John M Henderson World Leading Coke Oven Machinery Technology:

John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)

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" We have have designed a considerable number of Screwfeeder Charge Cars, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and providing excellent environmental performance."

Gary McCombie, Managing Director

Coke Oven Machines
Project Specification:
Customer: ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Canada

Project Highlights :
  • Order to First Charge in 8 months
  • Old Car Removed & New Car Installed in 2 hours
  • Coal Train specifically designed for Dofasco coal blend characteristics
  • Fully tested at ground level including coal charging
  • Machine Net Weight: 140Tonnes
  • Machine Gross Weight: 175Tonnes
  • Machine Length: 10 Metres
  • Cycle Time: 8 minutes
  • Travel Speed: 120M/min
Key Components:
  • Polished Stainless Coal Train
  • Smokeless Charging Telescope
  • Automatic Lid Sealing
  • Ascension Pipe Operators
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Learn more about John M Henderson World Leading Coke Oven Machinery Technology:

John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)