Fully Automated “Manless” Operation

John M Henderson Machines have been designed for Fully Automatic “Manless” Operation. This involves the incorporation of all necessary mechanical, control and communication equipment on the machine to enable remote control with no operator on board.

To provide Fully Automatic “Manless” Operation, a Coordination PLC and Supervisory System is installed in the battery control room. This system works as an interface between the machines and the process control systems.

Each automation solution from John M Henderson is specifically designed to suit the customer’s individual requirements. This involves the selection of components and the required level of machine control. The options include: Manless operation, Fully Automatic or Grouped Automatic Sequence control. All machines incorporate an Electronic Operator Terminal or Human Machine Interface (HMI) giving local Automatic, Manual and Maintenance modes of operation.

Automatic Alignment and Identification System

John M Henderson machines are equipped with a PLC control system with inverter control of all drive motors. Combined with an Automatic Alignment system it provides smooth and accurate control over the machine’s movement and final positioning.

The Automatic Alignment System measures the position of the machine and automatically aligns it with the selected oven location. An Identification System is incorporated to ensure that the machine has aligned with the correct oven.


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" John M Henderson Coke Oven Machines are designed to be fully integrated into automated control systems allowing for fully manless operations."

Nicky Pirie, Design Draughtsman

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