Coke Oven Machines
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Coke Oven Machines

World Class Engineering

John M Henderson has distinguished itself as one of the Worldwide Leaders in Design, Manufacture and Installation of Coke Oven Machinery over the last 60 years.

More than 200 Machines including Screwfeeder Charge Cars, Mass Flow Charge Cars, Pusher Machines, Transfer Cars, Coke Side Machines, Hood Machines, Locomotives and Coke Quench Cars have been designed and successfully installed in Canada, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Italy, Korea, Argentina, Slovakia, India, France, Australia, USA.

Complete Coke Oven Machinery Solutions

John M Henderson offers a complete range of Coke Oven Machinery:

  • Charge Cars
  • Pusher Machines
  • Transfer Cars
  • Coke Side/Hood Machines
  • Locomotives
  • Quench Cars
  • Waterjet Door Cleaners

Smokeless. Manless. Flexible

John M Henderson Coke Oven Machines deliver a powerful combination of Fully “Manless” Automation with Total Environmental Control, each of them specially tailored to meet every customer’s specific requirements.

  • "Smokeless” - Total Environmental Control
  • John M Henderson Machines are designed with state-of-the-art environmental protection systems enabling them to perform to the highest standard of emissions control. This allows all customers to comply with the toughest environmental legislation. All machines incorporate technical innovations that minimise spillage, recover and recycle any that occur.

  • “Manless” – Fully Automation
  • John M Henderson Coke Oven Machines have been designed for Fully Automated “Manless” Operation. This involves the incorporation of all necessary mechanical equipment on the machine with no requirement for an Operator or Benchman. Advanced levels of PLC control are supplied for all machines and the traditional Operator’s Control Desks have been replaced with Touchscreen technology.

  • Flexibility
  • John M Henderson strongly believes that the best technical solutions are developed when the company and customers work closely together. This interaction combines general John M Henderson long term proven expertise with customer specific requirements, therefore providing reliable custom designed solutions.

    Learn more about John M Henderson World Leading Coke Oven Machinery Technology:

    John M Henderson Coke Oven Machinery Brochure (pdf)